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Just as each event is unique and different, the services and needs of each event vary, making it difficult to provide standard pricing. On Occasion is happy to offer an initial consultation, free of charge, to discuss your wedding or special event and to provide a proposal with pricing for your consideration. We can plan and manage your event as a turnkey operation, handling everything from soup to nuts, or we can provide one or more of the services you need on an "a la carte" basis.
Because of our unique business model and the number of services we provide in-house, we guarantee that we will be cost competitive. Our business is designed to save you money in the following ways:
  • Our operations are home based, minimizing any overhead expenses.
  • We specialize in flowers and decor for special events only, create designs based on your needs, and purchase flowers specifically for your event. We do not incur extra expense by carrying inventory.
  • Consolidated services under one source is a definite cost saver. Each vendor you use will price their services to make their standard profit. By reducing the total number of vendors needed for your event, we can offer substantial discounts for each additional service we provide.
  • Because we do repeat business throughout the year with our partner vendors for the goods and services we don't provide internally, we generally have greater buying power and can negotiate more favorable pricing than an individual who is considered a one-time customer.
  • If you believe that "time is money," we can maximize your savings here. The more services we provide, the fewer meetings you have to schedule, the fewer phone calls you have to make, the fewer details you have to follow-up on, and the more time you save.
Please contact us to schedule a consultation so we can provide you with a proposal. We want to make your occasion special -- and save you money at the same time!
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